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Belkis Handras Profile Page
Belkis Handras
6 years ago
12 months ago
6 years ago


Belkis Olson-Handras
Executive Director / CFO

Up Close:
  • Born in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 11 migrated to U.S. with my parents and younger brother, Juan Carlos (JC) Santana. Participated in and excelled at numerous group sports, at a young age, traded my coveted party life, friends and the lime light to start a family of my own. Remained steadfast to my beliefs and values and worked nights while completing my education.
  • Florida International University School of Business 1973 -1979 BS International Business Law.
  • Management Advisory Committee at Florida International University School of Business.
  • Chairwoman of JSIP – Job Service Improvement Program for the State of Florida.
More about Belkis:

Devoted over 30+ years to the garment industry as Worldwide Operations Manager, in management and finance, call it fate or opportunity; I chose to join forces with my beloved brother Juan Carlos Santana, an esteemed director, prolific author and writer, considered and acclaimed “the trainer of trainers” and owner of the Institute of Human Performance, I was motivated in part by our strong family ties and mirroring work ethics. “I was pumped” claims JC, “at the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead with my sister as first mate”.

After learning my way around the gym I decided this was the place for me.The positive energy and upbeat attitude of everyone there was contagious and encouraging. Working alongside some of the most dynamic and influential professionals in the business, I adopted a new vision. I’ve made fitness a part of my everyday life; I work out regularly and feel more energetic and full of life than I did 20 years ago. “

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Belkis Handras
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