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Mens Health Cover

Men's Health Votes IHP in top 10 US gyms!
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"Don't be narrow minded when you train. The best results come from using many types of exercise equipment," says J.C. Santana, the owner of IHP, an indoor-outdoor training facility that caters to military specialists and pro athletes. 

Men's Health Magazine
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My job,' says JC Santana, is to allow you to hurt a lot without freaking out I    This may seem like a strange statement from a man who's spent decades working with Olympians...

Men's Journal Votes JC Santana in top 100 US Trainers!
Men's Journal Magazine
America's Best Workout by the 100 Top Trainers in the U.S.A. (Men's Journal)
Top 100 Trainers in America... JC Santana at The Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton Florida   Read More »
Women's Health Magazine
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Strong & Sexy Issue - Fitness Awards for Top Trainers in the world
Including JC Santana!
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Santana's advice 'Complaints like tendonitis, ligaments, bursitis and fasciitis are all caused by putting too much stress on soft tissue. If three sets of ten reps kill your joint... Read More 

UFC Votes JC Santana in top 10 MMA Strength Coaches Worlwide!
UFC Fit Magazine

Santana was already famous in training circles before he started working with MMA athletes. He helped popular the functional fitness movement and helped make inflatable exercise balls an ubiquitous presence in gyms.

Men's Health features JC's Chisel your Chest program!
Men's Health - Chisel your Chest!
JC Santana, one of America’s top trainers is features In Men’s Health for the third time this year! Click here full artcile.


alt Quality Attacks
Shortcut to Slim
Self Magazine
This routine was customized for SELF by Juan Carlos Santana, director of IHP in Boca Raton FL. You'll need a weighted ball or a pair of dumbbells, a resistance tube,a stability ball and a step or bench... Read More »
Fitness that Fits Fitness that Fits
Match your personality to your workout
Boca Raton Magazine
These days, fitness isn't about finding the nearest gym and cycling 'til you drop. Owner and founder Juan Carlos Santana of the Institute of Human Performance (IHPJ in Boca Raton believes that finding your fitness ''personality" will help you enjoy and continue your routine.…
Muscle & Fitness
Not everything you believe about the UFC is true. Heavy­weight fights don't always end in spectacular first-round knockouts, and lightweights don't always go the distance. Read More >>

MMA Unlimited Magazine
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Training at IHP for any MMA Fighter...

MMA Unlimited Magazine
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