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JC Santana and IHP are looking for qualified and MOTIVATED trainers.  JC and the staff of IHP will only interview quailified trainers through a three tier process.
How do you know if you are qualified for an interview?  READ BELOW
IHP is a unique place and for that reason a unique skill set is required to be successful in this very special place.
As a potential personal trainer at IHP you must understand what the job entails and what capabilities are MANDATORY for success. Before setting up you MUST have the following knowledge base and capabilities.
1.     Are you certified with an accredited organization, and CPR certified?
2.     Are you capable of answering a phone and clearly communicate what services are provided, with the ultimate intent of getting the person on the phone to come in and see IHP?
3.     Are you capable of touring a person through a fitness facility.  We will train you to do it IHP style – but you must have some working knowledge of what a tour is?
4.     Are you capable of connecting what a client’s wants/needs with your capabilities and the services provided at IHP (Personal Training and specific equipment)?
5.     Are you capable of putting together a basic fitness plan with sound nutritional recommendations to facilitate weight loss?
6.     Are you capable of going out into the community and talk and network so that people are aware of where you work and what you do?  We REQUIRE 2 hours of volunteer work out of every trainers NOT producing 20 hours/week (usually at a local school).  We also require 15 contacts, 3 visits to IHP and 1 new client per week of our new Pts.   We can teach you how to do all of this – but it’s ultimately up to you to do it.  
7.     Can you maintain yourself until your client load at IHP reaches a point where it can sustain you (e.g. 2-3 months)?
8. Do you live in Boca Raton, or a surrounding city (within 15 minutes)?
Keep in mind – this is NOT a career starter position – THIS IS A CAREER MAKER OPPORTUNITY. We are looking for “HUNTERS” that will set up camp in IHP and Boca Raton and earn $60,000-$90,000 per year (Easily done with about 30 hours per week - consisting of 1 on 1, semi private, and group classes). This is, for the most part, not an  “AUTOMATIC BENEFITS” position. We provide specific benefits (paid vaca, assistance with insurance, free CEUs, etc) once a trainer has reached senior trainer status (averaging 25 sessions per week for 6 months).
If you can produce IHP WILL PROVIDE A DREAM CAREER!  If you can't produce then IHP is not for you.   We can’t put it any simpler then that!
If the answer is “YES’ to all of the above – let’s set up a LIVE interview at IHP.  Due to IHP’s hectic schedule we don’t provide phone interviews.  We also don’t interview anyone until they are living in the Boca area.
If for whatever reason this opportunity is not a good fit for you – I wish you the best – we are here to educate you and help where we can.




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