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Think band training is soft stuff? Well step into JC's world of Band Training. The JC line of band products include several products designed for Lifeline; the JC Sport Band, the JC Traveler, the JC Quad, The JC Core Trainer, the JC Predator, and the JC Predator Jr. Each model in the JC band Line provides specific advantages and feature. We chose the Lifeline product because we have broken every single band product on the market within 3 months of use – all except the Lifeline. 

For complete set up and safety instructions read all band realetd information provided on this web site. See frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
If you do not have expert knowledge on the proper use of bands, it is strongly recommend you purchase the related DVD or Book and follow all instructions before using a band. In addition, always follow basic incstructions below:

  • Review related material before using any band!
  • Inspect product for defects before every use!
  • Do not use product if there is ANY questionable defect!
  • Do not pull band more then twice its length!
  • Do not pull band towards face at any time!

Use product at your own risk. IHP, JC Santana, related companies and representatives are NOT responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Addditional Band Training Literature

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Set-up and Training
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