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Take a giant rubber band, give it a little JC personality and you end up with a killer band that can turn any location into a gym. JC Santana, the master of exercise creativity has taken an ordinary, giant, rubber band and created three workouts that will keep anyone in shape and able to train anywhere and at any time. This band can fit in the pocket of your cargo pants and can provide enough resistance to tone a woman's body or challenge JC's NFL clients. Super charge your workouts with the Superband and start "Training with JC."

For complete set up and safety instructions read all band realetd information provided on this web site. See frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
If you do not have expert knowledge on the proper use of bands, it is strongly recommend you purchase the related DVD or Book and follow all instructions before using a band. In addition, always follow basic incstructions below:

  • Review related material before using any band!
  • Inspect product for defects before every use!
  • Do not use product if there is ANY questionable defect!
  • Do not pull band more then twice its length!
  • Do not pull band towards face at any time!

Use product at your own risk. IHP, JC Santana, related companies and representatives are NOT responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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JC SuperBand 1/2-inch

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$ 14.45

This band is excellent for beginner strength trainers, medium level rehab applications and light sports-specific skills. This was the band that Men’s Health Joe Kita started with, progressing later to the 1-inch Superband. 
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JC SuperBand 1-inch

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$ 21.45

This band is well suited for experienced strength trainers to performer many of their traditional strength exercises. This is the band I travel with (and an 11” utility strap) to stay fit on the road. It fits in small pockets of my computer bag. 
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JC SuperBand-1 3/4-inch

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$ 29.95

This band is for the elite athlete who is VERY strong. This thing will add tonnage to your workout in no time and is only recommended for the big lifts and applications. 
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JC SuperBand-2 1/2-inch

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$ 39.95

This band is for the elite super heavy- weight athlete. If you are not a beast and over 220 pounds – don’t come near this baby. This is the traveling companion of my Olympic judo heavy-weights, and my super-heavy MMA fighters. 
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Special Promotional Combo: Superband DVD, 1in Superband

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$ 49.99

It has a retail value of $69.99 (NEW SPECIAL 49.99) and we're offering it as part of this promotion at a special price. ** One Superband (1inch) One 12inch utility Strap & JC Superband 
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