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Dear Endurance Athlete, Coach and Personal Trainer,

JC Santana and The Institute of Human Performance (IHP) are proud to announce the comprehensive reference of Functional Training for the endurance athlete, TO-THE-MAX.

IHP is proud to be on the cutting edge of strength training exercises, modalities, protocols and research.

JC Santana has proven his endurance training methods over the last 15 years with the Florida Atlantic University Track and field team, Spanish River Cross Country team, Stan Andrews Cross country team, elite triathlon athletes, and recreation endurance athletes of all ages.  His functional training methods for the endurance athlete have been featured in Runner's World, Men's Health, Men's Journal, Self and many other popular publications.  The core training methods JC used in crease stride length, stride frequency, swim stroke, and cores stability have been research out of IHP and published in peer review journals, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Strength and Conditioning Journal and the prestigious Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Let's be honest, we all want to be faster, injury free, and in great shape!  Did you know that most injuries occur from improper training technique, muscular imbalances, and a weak core?  All of the enducrance athletes at IHP have been in the field long enough to know what works and what doesn't.  However, few kn ow how tobecome better and break through a plateau or reahbilitate and overuse injury whithout stopping training.   The TO-THE-MAX project will teach all you need to know to take your endurance training To-THE-MAX!  This is what you will learn::

  • Cutting edge training techniques, exercises, and protocols.
  • Simple and quick ways to get your mind prepared for competition
  • The most important muscles in your body - not knowing these can ruin you on race day!
  • The difference between VO2 and LTVO2
  • How to Instantly improve your performance without running more!

And Much, Much More!!

You will become the talk of your Club or your friends by your rapid progress.  You're training partners will think you're getting private coaching behind their back!

To the Max: Functional Training for the Endurance Athlete DVD

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$ 49.95

We promise you faster times with less training! The "To the MAX: Functional Training for the Endurance Athlete" DVD will change the way endurance athlete trains! BY Juan Carlos Santana 
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