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If you have never experienced IHP live - these DVDs are it.  Every once in a while, when no body is paying attention the cameras are set and turned on.  Our trainers and clients have no time to prepare, rehearse, or plan - it is IHP in the RAW!  The are no scripts, no make-up, no second takes, what you is happening is what you get.  SO - if you are a trainer looking for some new training ideas, a club owner looking to inspire your personal training department, a fitness enthuthiast looking for some movivation, or you just need to be inspired - check these DVDs out. 

IHP Training in the RAW

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$ 79.99

See JC Santana and his IHP staff at work – in the RAW. Watch them train the most diverse populations in fitness; from seniors to fighters and everything in between. Check how their private, semi-private and groups classes training change lives! 
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