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LAPS: Functional Dryland Training for Swimmers
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LAPS: Functional Dryland Training for Swimmers

LAPS: Functional Dryland Training fro Swimmers is brought to you by Grif Fig and Juan Carlos Santana.
LAPS: Functional Dryland Training fro Swimmers is brought to you by Grif Fig and Juan Carlos Santana. This DVD covers the LAPS training philosophy designed by IHPSWIM to ensure that your dryland program targets all the specific areas and movements of the competitive swimmer.

The concept of functional training dictates that the body acts in movement patterns, not isolated muscle actions. Therefore our functional dryland training approach focuses on movement actions related to swimming, not isolated body-building exercises. Our LAPS training model has been developed and used over the past 10 years with great results! Don’t miss out on this DVD that will take your swimming to the next level.

This DVD includes:

Over 50 amazing exercises that are guaranteed to improve performance in the pool!

How to design your own circuit for your team if you’re a coach or as an individual if you’re a swimmer 5 circuits already designed and ready to go.

The most cutting edge techniques in the strength and conditioning today!

The methods we use to train swimmers from the developmental level to Olympic level as well as NFL, MLB, NHL and many other professional and amateur athletes.

LAPS Dryland Training

  • Lower Body Exercises - These includes all lower body exercises that will improve stability, strength and ultimately more power in the lower body. These exercises will transfer to a better start, turn and kick in the pool.
  • Alignment and core rotation exercises – This component includes all core exercises in the LAPS dryland program. Core strength and stability as well as the ability for the core to rotate are very important when trying to maintain proper alignment and posture in the water.
  • Pull and Push Exercises – Exceptional upper body strength is needed to maximize ones potential as a swimmer. The pulling muscles, such as the lats and posterior deltoids are more dominant in swimming. IHPSWIM includes many upper body exercises that are specific to the movements seen in swimming.
  • Shoulder Stability – Injury prevention is the most important component of any strength and conditioning program. If you’re hurt you can’t perform at a 100%. This component is made up of a variety of exercises that help increase stability and strength through different ranges of motion which will help prevent shoulder problems.
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